Live! mystery tours and treasure hunt website is now up and running. We’re taking bookings for everything, if it’s a staff night out check out the “crew do” section of our site or maybe a good aul knees up on our “mystery caboodle“. For all you budding hens check out the “mysterious hen” page.”Captains call” is an hilarious event for all occasions. Please like and share as much as you can. A big thanks to for his fantastic work on the website. We look forward to creating a perfect event for you soon.


Introducing Marilyn, the Huddle Up Mysterious Hen. Nobody really knows where she came from or where she’s going. Said to be named after Marilyn Monroe, she is the epitome of glamour and a party animal to boot. Her status is officially single although she has been rumoured to be romantically linked to Michael Fassbender, Julio Iglesias and Benedict Cumberbatch although she is far too modest to admit it. Nobody knows what age she is as she has been using plastic surgery on her beak and feathers for years. Unfortunately this also means she is unable to show any emotion or expression on her face and can come across as aloof. Her role with Huddle Up is to lead from the front, show the way and set the tasks for all our mysterious hens

It’s Alive!

Huddle UP is live this weekend! A group of 17 teachers from Celbridge are off on a mystery tour. They are filling up on breakfast in The Orchard Garden Centre before hitting the road- each team in a different car! They are completely unaware of their destination for the night, unaware of the tasks that lie ahead but they are definitely excited about the fun and sometimes challenging weekend ahead. Their accommodation and meal in a 4*hotel is booked well in advance of the day and all that is left for them to do is get out there and have fun! Watch this space for updates!