Captain’s Call

This hilarious event will have your group in tears of laughter all the way to your destination! It is an ideal event for a birthday party, hen/stag night or work party. The event takes place on and off a bus! The bus will collect you at your chosen location and will bring you eventually to your mystery destination. There are 5 challenges to be carried out at 5 different stops along the way, each stop bringing you a step closer to your destination. The challenges are easy but very funny and will surely entertain the group and give you all lots of laughs well into the night.

There are 5 different challenges.

  1. Observation Challenge
  2. Sporting Challenge
  3. Intellectual Challenge
  4. Inhalation Challenge
  5. Economics Challenge

Each person will take part in one or two of the challenges but they will be needed to cheer on their other team members in the other challenges.

The losing captain’s team from each challenge has to carry out ‘The Forfeit of Failure’ really don’t want to lose!!

There are points awarded for each of the challenges and the scores are added up at the end to decide the overall winners. There are fun prizes for the winners.

Also included are other great ideas to entertain the group while travelling along in the bus.

All abilities, ages, different stages of pregnancy, non-drinkers etc. can take part. Everything can be adapted to suit your group’s needs and wishes. It guarantees to be a super day with everyone enjoying themselves and having fun. Everything you will need for Captain’s Call will be delivered directly to your door.

In the box there will be:

  • Straightforward simple instructions for the co-ordinator
  • 5 Activities for 5 different locations in and around Waterford City.
  • Task Cards
  • Props and accessories for the activities
  • Captain’s Badges
  • Clues
  • Forfeits of Failure
  • Rules of the Bus
  • Directions for the bus driver
  • Fun prizes

We will organise the bus and liaise with the bus driver as to where to collect you and bring you to. It will be hassle free and very easy to run. This event promises to have the bus shaking with belly laughter as you watch each other perform the captain’s tasks and the losing team completing their Forfeit’s of Failure. Remember! It’s not the destination, it’s the journey!! For a quote contact us on or call us on 086-8786194 / 086-3733644.